California 24 Hr Bundle Package


This package is intended to fulfill all the annual CA state license renewal requirement. We will provide you with two 12 hr seminar certificates.

All the mandatory category like Ethics, Technique, Phy Exam, Billing Coding Documentation & X-ray etc are included.

You have the choices of  taking two 12 hr Live Seminars with different contents (Series A and Series B) , or one 12 hr Live Seminar plus one 12 hr Online Seminar of a different series.   Two  12 hr ONLINE seminar is allowed only if they applied toward different renewal cycle, e.g, 1st 12 hr ONLINE for 2017 and 2nd 12 hr ONLINE toward 2018.

For Example:    9-14 San Jose series B  12 hr LIVE plus 10-7 Roseville series A 12 hr  LIVE seminar.

Or, you may chose 12 hr series B ONLINE seminar  in Sept and take 10-21 Palm Desert series A 12 hr Live seminar.

Or, you may chose one 12 hr ONLINE seminar in 2017 now and take another 12 hr  seminar in 2018  as UNDECIDED

You may even defer your decision of the second 12 hr seminar, for 12 month and take it the following year.

Clearly indicate yous choices under “NOTE” on check out.




Splitting attendance of a 12 hr LIVE Seminar over 2  days or 3 days is possible but there is an additional  certificate fee of $25 for each additional day. You may indicate split day preference on NOTE portion during check out.

Series A seminar ( LIVE or ONLINE)  covers 5 hr of Radiology,  4 hrView product of Phy Exam Documentation, 2 hr Ethics & 1 hr Nutrition.

Series B seminar ( LIVE or ONLINE ) covers 5 hr of Radiology, 3 hr of Ethics and Law, plus 4 hr of Technique.

Cancellation / No policy Policy: There is a non-refundable $50 fee for NO SHOW or CANCELLATION.  No refund for ONLINE seminar that have been activated.