Radiologic Consultation Services

Dr. Tong offers full Radiology services to practicing Chiropractors including second opinion consults with written X-Ray and Imaging Reports, as well as Imaging Referral Sites for obtaining these procedures.

Benefits of using Dr. Tong’s Second Opinion Consults:

  • Detailed and precise analysis and accurate diagnosis
  • Quick turn-around  report( 24-48 working hour exclude holidays)
  • Affordable FEE SCHEDULES (See Below)
  • Minimize and share risk of liability
  • Increase credibility by proper documentation of findings & second opinion
  • Cover both postural analysis & pathological findings
  • Offer clinical recommendations on indication/contra-indication to treat, follow up procedure, possible outside referrals, etc.
  • Mitigate “no subluxation & pathologies” contradiction from other radiological reports

X-Ray Consultation Fee Schedules

  • X-Ray Exam: $40/regional study/exam date
  • Full spine X-Ray: counted as 3 area ($120)/exam date
  • CT / MR Exam: $120/regional study/exam date
  • Fee Effective January 1, 2023

Instructions for requesting X-Ray Consultation:

  • Fill out a consultation request form (
  • Submit a check according to the fee schedule
  • Mail the films or CD and request form, along with a check payable to Dr. Victor Tong. Mail to the following address:

17931 Calle Los Arboles, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

  • If CD is sent, please send only an extra duplicate copy and not your original.

Instruction for DIGITAL TELERADIOGRAPHIC Consultation Service Request (DICOM SEND):

  1. Fill out a consultation request form ( )and email to
  2. Set up CONTACT PROFILE for Dr. Tong’s workstation using information below:
  • IP address:
  • Port : 4810
  • AE Title: OmniVue
  • Description: Tong DACBR
  1. Use DICOM send function of digital system to EXPORT examination to Dr. Tong’s workstation.