Thank you for choosing Tong & Associates as your CE Seminar Provider.


1. LOG ON to your MY ACCOUNT page of our web site by clicking


User Name which should be your email address

Password: use the same password as you first registered. (If you forget your license, you may call us and we will assign a temporary password for you, which consists of your first name, last name and license number For Example: johndoe12345)

2. FIND CE ONLINE courses under MY ACCOUNT Page. Online courses subscribed will be listed at the bottom of the page. There may be one or more lectures listed depending on what you subscribe. If you subscribe ONE 12 hr bundled CE course, there will be 3 separate lecture modules listed under one course, waiting for you to complete. Put your mouse over the CE course and click start one of your 3 lecture module. You need to finish all 3 lecture modules to complete this 12 hr course and be eligible for a certificate of completion.

3. VIEW LECTURE COURSES using Wifi connection:
You may view each lecture multiple time, at different locations, using different devices such as smart phone, lab top or desk top computer. You may review the lectures as many time as you want until Dec, 2018. You may break at any time. Just mark down where you left off (note the time indicator). While there is no 30 days use limitation, be mindful of your license expiration deadline so that you should complete it before that time.

4. To GET CREDITS for each 12 hr bundled course, you need to view all 3 lecture modules making up the 12 credits. You need to answer all open book questions listed under the video screen for each of the 3 lecture modules (one question for each CE credit). For each lecture module, simply select your best answers and hitting SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Your answers will be graded automatically by the computer, with correct key provided. You will be given credit for the ONLINE lecture, whether you have 100% or 50%. You don’t have to get a perfect score to get credit. You may re-take the test if you so choose but this step is not mandatory. When you are done with answering question for one module, you may advance to the next lecture modules, until all 3 are finished.

5. PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE: completion certificate is generated automatically by the computer when all answers for the purchased course are submitted. If you subscribe only 2 hr Ethics. A certificate will be ready after submission of 2 questions under the lecture. If you subscribe a 12 hr bundled lecture courses, you will have to answer all 12 questions for all 3 modules before the certificate will be ready. A DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE button will show up under the video lecture screen when all required answers are submitted. Click open the certificate and print out a hard copy . Verify for accuracy and then keep the document for at least 5 yrs. If you have difficulty or questions, you may call, text or email us for assistance.