What is a Webinar?

It is a type of interactive distance learning seminar using WIFI connection and computing technology to allow real time interaction between instructors and students. Questions and answers are possible.

Does it apply to CA State board requirements?

Under DCA waiver issued on Sept 23, 12 hr of interactive webinars along with another 12 hr of non-interactive online or distance learning CEU can satisfy annual 24 CEU requirement.  It can replace the traditional classroom live seminars.

Webinar Format

Is there a test associated with the webinar course?

No, only non-interactive distance learning / online courses have requirements of taking a test, before credits are given.

What is expected of the participant’s behavior?

  • mute the microphone upon entry of the classroom
  •  turn microphones on when there is a question being raised.
  • Participants should face the  web cam during the webinar session with facial recognition possible, cannot turn off camera.
  • respond to monitor and instructor upon roll call.
  • cannot take prolong break over than 10 min.or risk losing one credit hour.

Are there breaks for webinars?

Yes, breaks of 10 min per each 50 min lectures will be given during each webinars, identical to those classroom seminars. There will be lunch break of 40 min for 12 hr webinars.

How are certificates of attendance given?

Certificates of completion will be emailed to participants who finished the entirety of the program.

What would the certificate say?

Certificate will state “chiropractic name”, “license number” and having completed an ” Interactive Webinar on certain date” for certain number of hours, along with associated course title and approval no.

Tech Support / Help 

What are the hardware or software requirements for webinar to work?

1. WIFI connection
2. Any computer, smartphones and tablets with built in webcam  and microphone
3. Be able to download ZOOM software.